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by Stephen Luther, M.D.


Research Proves the Best Start to 2024 is Fitness for Life

Over the past 23 years, research has proven fitness is observable, measurable, and repeatable. (If something cannot be measured and repeated, it cannot be validated.) CrossFit is at the core of functional fitness, and Greg Glassman, the pioneer of CrossFit, defines fitness as an increased work capacity across broad time and modal domains. In simpler terms:

Fitness is preparing for life’s physical challenges.

Do you have the flexibility, strength, and mobility needed to avoid an injury? Imagine reaching a high shelf, picking up a child, or a quick, unexpected hop over a Palmetto bug! According to CrossFit’s model, fitness impacts life through various physical skills, from cardiovascular endurance to strength and flexibility. This is achievable by pursuing a balanced and comprehensive fitness regimen such as functional fitness.

The Foundation of Functional Movements

You know you’re training at the right place when every movement you make builds upon a healthier foundation for real-world tasks and challenges. The heart of SymbiosFIT beats with these CrossFit-based, functional-movement patterns that we look forward to individually highlighting in upcoming blogs.

  1. Squatting: Engages lower body muscles and is essential for sitting, standing, and lifting activities.
  2. Lunging: Develops unilateral leg strength and mimics walking and climbing stairs.
  3. Pushing: Strengthens upper body moving muscles, which translates to pushing a door or lifting a heavy object overhead.
  4. Pulling: Targets upper body pulling muscles that mirror actions like pulling yourself up, opening a heavy door, or dragging an object.
  5. Hinging: Focuses on the hip hinge movement, making it crucial for bending over, lifting, and picking things up.
  6. Twisting: Enhances rotational stability and reflects movements in sports and daily tasks such as car unloading.
  7. Gait (Walking/Running): Builds and maintains basic locomotion skills, which is an integral part of daily movement and cardiovascular health.

Visit SymbiosFIT and experience your best quality of life with efficient workouts that increase strength and flexibility and extend your range of motion while reducing the risk of injuries with more joint mobility and better coordination and balance. What’s more, because it is inspired by proven scientific principles, Dr. Luther recommends functional fitness as a versatile and effective part of your health care!


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