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Priapus Toxin For Erectile Dysfunction

Harnessing Botox to treat erectile dysfunction.

Botox relaxes the frown lines in the face, but there’s a new procedure for erectile dysfunction called Priapus Toxin that uses Botox injections into your penile tissue to increase blood flow and stimulate growth.

Studies have confirmed that injecting Botox into the erectile tissue of the penis, much like we do with PRP in the P-Shot, works much like Viagra and may have a synergistic, restorative effect when performed in conjunction with the P-Shot.

Botox Isn’t Just an Anti-Aging Treatment

Botox helps smooth wrinkles as the years wear on, but it might also help iron out struggles in the bedroom, too.

How can Priapus Toxin help me?

Priapus Toxin improves erectile function by increasing blood flow to the penile tissues, enhancing oxygen delivery, increasing nitric oxide production, and promoting new nerve and blood vessel growth. Adding Botox, which is a well-known and trusted neurotoxin, helps by relaxing the smooth muscles that control blood flow to the penis and increasing nitric oxide production.

Priapus Toxin, which is a simple, in-office procedure, allows the patient to experience a more rapid and sustained erection, helps grow healthier penis tissue and length, and will enable you to feel more confident and more sexually responsive.

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