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Restore Natural Male Function

Bring spontaneity and enjoyment back to your life.

If you experience chronic or occasional erectile dysfunction (ED) or simply want to improve your performance, the Alma Duo is an in-office, aesthetic treatment that uses ultrasound wave therapy to stimulate and improve penile blood flow to bring spontaneity back to men’s lives.

It’s a natural, long-term way to address the cause of many forms of ED, not just manage symptoms. Alma Duo is performed in-office, typically a 15-minute treatment with no topical anesthetic and no downtime required.

Don’t Let ED Be a Showstopper

Whether ED strikes once in a while or all the time, it can be frustrating and embarrassing for a man – undermining his self-confidence and interfering with his ability to enjoy a healthy sex life. We can help change that.

It’s a painless procedure.

The Alma Duo delivers low-intensity pulses (it feels like a light tapping) that improve vascular function. Your six painless treatments take place in a private, comfortable treatment room, and can be completed in as little as two to three weeks.

It is long-lasting.

Alma Duo is a long-term fix that requires no drugs, needles, or surgery, and won’t interrupt the moment. Results have been clinically validated to last at least two years post-treatment.

There is no downtime.

Get back to all your regular activities with no downtime. Treatment sessions are just 15 minutes each.

Frequently Asked Questions

Prescription ED drugs do not repair the underlying cause of ED. Erectile dysfunction medications only temporarily increase the level of nitric oxide in the blood – to widen the blood vessels and increase the blood flow while the medication is in the man’s system.

ED prescriptions also come with a host of side effects that range from unpleasant (headaches, stomach upset) to dangerous (hearing or vision loss).

ED can occur because of various factors. But Alma Duo works best for erectile dysfunction that is caused by blocked blood vessels or insufficient blood flow to the penis. Alma Duo shockwave, however, is not effective for men with erectile disfunction caused by psychological, behavioral, or neurological problems.

Because the vast majority of erectile problems are caused by vascular disorders, most men with ED are good candidates for Alma Duo. However, it’s best to schedule a consultation with Dr. Stephen Luther to find out if Alma Duo would be the right solution for you.

No. Alma Duo shockwave ED treatment is a comfortable, pain-free procedure. It is non-invasive and there are no needles or incisions – so Alma Duo does not require any anesthesia.

The typical Alma Duo treatment itself only takes about 15 minutes to complete. Your appointment will take a little longer so that you may discuss your symptoms and ED treatment plan with Dr. Luther.

No. There is absolutely no downtime after Alma Duo, so you can resume regular daily activities immediately after treatment. Many men consider it a “lunchtime” procedure, because it can be squeezed in in less than an hour.

A series of six Alma Duo ED treatments – two per week for three consecutive weeks – is typically recommended to achieve optimal results. However, Symbios can customize an erectile disfunction treatment plan for you based on your specific and unique individual needs.

On average, the results experienced with Alma Duo last about two years or longer.

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