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Regenerative Health on Hilton Head Island

The healing power of regenerative medicine.

Dr. Stephen Luther and his board-certified team believe healthy aging is a function of mind and body, inside and out. Symbios practices regenerative health focused on developing and applying new treatments to heal tissues and organs and restore function lost because of aging, disease, damage, or defects. This process uses the body’s natural biology to regenerate and heal by replacing (or regenerating) human cells and tissues to restore normal function.

Fix the cause, don’t treat the symptom

Symbios takes a holistic “whole body” approach to help people with chronic pain with Regenerative Health. Temporary solutions do not last and only perpetuate the pain and symptoms. By addressing the condition, we’re able to provide our Hilton Head Island community with long-term relief; helping people live their life to the fullest.

We combine the latest advancements in technology with the human body’s amazing capability to heal itself. Dr. Stephen Luther and his team of board-certified professionals can stimulate the repair and regrowth of cells that have been damaged by trauma, degeneration, and the aging process.

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