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Give your Feminine Life a Lift

FemiLift provides relief to Lowcountry women.

The natural processes of your lifestyle as a woman, such as childbirth and hormonal changes, can lead to various conditions like involuntary urine leakage, vaginal laxity, intimacy concerns, dryness, or recurring infections. These issues, if not addressed, can seriously continue to impact the quality of your everyday life.

What is FemiLift?

FemiLift is a state-of-the-art, minimally invasive outpatient treatment offered by Symbios Health that provides optimal results for various feminine conditions, regardless of your age or stage in life. It is quick, painless, and completely safe.

“I began to notice physiological changes to my vagina. I was very unhappy with the continued discomfort. Now that I have received my first FemiLift procedure, I feel the discomfort is reduced. There was minimal pain and almost no downtime. I am thrilled.”

– HN, Age 44

“When I was diagnosed with breast cancer, I was put on several medications. I immediately began to notice severe side effects including vaginal health. I approached my practitioner and she recommended FemiLift. After completing the recommended three procedures, my vaginal discomfort literally disappeared. FemiLift has been life changing for me.”

– RT, Age 52

What conditions does FemiLift treat?

SUI describes involuntary leakage of urine during activities that increase pressure in the abdomen such as coughing, sneezing, laughing, or exercise. This condition is caused by loss of strength in the urethra because of a weakened pelvic support structure. FemiLift treats the entire area, supporting the urethra, increasing the thickness of the vaginal walls and strengthening the pelvic support structure. The treatment reduces the symptoms of SUI and effectively restores urinary continence.

FemiLift helps women suffering from dryness and recurring vaginal infections by rejuvenating the vaginal lining and restoring lubrication. This treatment increases the vaginal immune system responses and blood flow, regenerates new healthy tissue with a higher immune resistance to infections, and allows the vagina to naturally maintain normal pH levels.

The shift in hormones that occurs with menopause can cause the lining of the vagina to become thinner, dryer, loss of elasticity, and inflamed. FemiLift rejuvenates the vaginal lining, increasing the thickness of the vaginal walls and restoring lubrication. The treatment reduces uncomfortable symptoms such as itching and burning and increases friction to help improve sexual function.

Overtime, especially after childbirth, vaginal tissue can over stretch, creating a feeling of looseness (laxity) and reduced sensitivity. This can lead to decreased satisfaction during sexual intercourse, creating a significant quality of life issue. FemiLift tones and rebuilds the collagen of the vaginal walls, enhances the sensitivity of the vaginal receptors, and contracts existing vaginal tissue to increase vaginal tightness and improve sexual satisfaction.

Childbirth involves many physiological changes to a woman’s body. Post-delivery, the vaginal area may become stretched and dry, and the pelvic floor may become weakened. FemiLift rehabilitates the entire vaginal area by strengthening and toning vaginal tissue to restore strength and flexibility.

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