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by Stephen Luther, M.D.


Commit to 70 consecutive days of living better starting Monday, February 5.

Research shows that only 12% of American adults currently maintain good metabolic health. This alarmingly low statistic contributes to a life that falls short of its potential, lacking optimal well-being and fitness. It is also what fuels my passion to foster symbiotic relationships with those who aspire to lead healthier, fitter, and more beautiful lives.

To help overcome the numerous adversaries and challenges that often impede the pursuit of living a fulfilling life, Symbios Health is launching Kickstart70 on Monday, February 5, and you are invited to join Dr. Stephen Luther, the SymbiosFIT team, and the Symbios Health staff as we commit to 70 days of living better.

Why 70 days? Research suggests healthy habits take approximately 70 days to develop. By making this commitment and completing the Kickstart70 program, you will take an important first step toward changing your lifelong wellness patterns.

Kickstart70 is a transformative solution that can elevate us from a state of metabolic unhealthiness to vitality. Embracing fitness enables us to lead an optimal life endowed with the power, strength, and endurance needed to thrive and maintain lasting health, fitness, and beauty.

Understanding and Building the 7 Pillars of Health

  1. Restorative Sleep focuses on the quality and quantity of sleep your body needs to repair and restore itself. A good night’s sleep refreshes your mind, enabling you to perform daily operations successfully.
  2. Enriching Nutrition is the quality and quantity of nutrients required to stay healthy and fit. Symbios will offer periodic group classes to guide your nutritional choices and give you expert resources and knowledge to help you achieve your goals.
  3. Functional Fitness exercises your body to perform how it was created. You can overcome time, distance, and weight obstacles by improving essential physical motions. The fitter you are, the healthier you are. Access to SymbiosFIT functional fitness classes during this 70-day program (February 5 through April 15) is included. Kickstart70 members are invited and encouraged to join subsequently. Private training sessions with our certified coaches are offered for an additional fee.
  4. Personal Beautification prioritizes loving and caring for yourself first. You can love and serve others much better when satisfactorily resourced to feel and portray a confident, radiant, and healthier version of yourself.
  5. Intellectual Stimulation enhances mental health by feeding your mind accurate information, providing retention exercises to maintain your memory, and participating in mental challenges to develop critical thinking.
  6. Spiritual Growth involves your connection and relationship with our eternal Creator and Judge and those around us. Grow spiritually by serving and worshiping our Creator and Judge better. Your body is a temple of the Holy Spirit; therefore, it should be loved and treated well.
  7. Loving Relationships embrace healthy, joyful, fulfilling, and nontoxic relationships by exhibiting love and care for others in the same manner we would like to receive love and care.


$70, which is $1 per day for 70 days to change your life.

What’s Included

  • A Symbios Health Kickstart70 custom t-shirt.
  • Guidance, accountability, and encouragement from a certified Symbios Health coach as your team leader.
  • Assistance from your team’s coach in establishing and achieving your seven goals.
  • Complimentary access to SymbiosFit group classes and instruction from February 5 through April 15.
  • Complimentary access to periodic group nutrition classes .
  • Health, fitness, and beauty tips via exclusive Symbios Health Kickstart70 group emails.
  • The best reward: A healthier, fitter, and more beautiful version of YOU!
  • Connections: Meaningful friendships begin with spending time with other like-minded and health-passionate people seeking their best life possible.

Jim Rohn says, “You’re the average of the five people that you spend the most time with.” Take advantage of this opportunity to expand social encounters by interacting with fellow team members.


One-on-one personal training and our Olympic weightlifting classes are available for an additional fee.



Sign up on or before January 31, 2024.


  • Read and understand the seven pillars of health.
  • Select one specific, measurable goal for each category, thus creating seven purposeful goals.
  • Practice your seven goals once a day for 70 days.


  • Each registered participant will be assigned to a team, with a trained coach as your team leader.
  • Report your progress (the number of goals you practiced each day) to your team leader once a week.
  • Each successful practice is worth a point. Earn seven points daily by completing goals from your seven categories for a maximum of 49 points weekly.
  • A perfect score is 490 points in 70 days.

Competition (adds determination!)

  • The team with the most combined points wins.
  • The top three finishing teams will receive prizes! (TBD)

Examples of Specific Goals for Each Category

Restorative Sleep

There are many ways to improve your sleep quality. First, determine the duration and amount of restoration your complex body requires by monitoring your tiredness, activity, and wellness. Second, uncover sleep hindrances by paying attention to caffeine, alcohol, sugar, electronic usage, or other obstacles. Healthy sleep practices to consider:

  • Set a consistent time to go to bed and awaken each day.
  • Eliminate screen time within one to two hours before bed.
  • Sleep in a dark and cool bedroom.
  • Avoid heavy meals within three hours of bedtime.
  • Avoid alcohol, which is known to interrupt REM and deep sleep for up to four days.
  • Take a daily power nap.

Enriching Nutrition

Train yourself on what to eat or not eat for 70 days with any of the following practices:

  • Avoid added sugar and commit to nutritional choices that are low-carb, Keto, Paleo, or Carnivore.
  • Weigh, measure, and record everything you eat.
  • Avoid alcohol.
  • Avoid refined carbohydrates.
  • Avoid processed food.
  • Avoid using and consuming vegetable oil.

Functional Fitness

While functional training is recommended, the goal is to build a habit of daily exercise over 70 days. Options for your practices may include:

  • Engage in personalized fitness at a SymbiosFIT class three to five days a week.
  • Work with a personal trainer regularly.
  • Develop an exercise plan to do in your gym or at home consistently.
  • Take a brisk three-mile walk daily.
  • Join SymbiosFIT Olympic weightlifting class (additional fees apply).

Personal Beautification

Expresses respect, care, and love for yourself by nourishing your body, soul, or mind. Some ideas to bring out your best are:

  • Read and engage in a self-help book.
  • Preserve your appearance with a facial or another beautifying service.
  • Practice self-care with enhancing skin, hair, or body care.
  • Invest in Symbios Medical Spa treatments for yourself and maintain a routine of ongoing care for 70 days; try a new skin or hair care routine for 70 days.

Intellectual Stimulation

To improve your memory, intellect, and critical thinking:

  • Dedicate 10 to 30 minutes a day to maintaining and developing your mind and thinking skills.
  • Read various content to stimulate thinking and expand your mind’s memory and comprehension.
  • Learn and develop new skills. Practice them often while adding thought-provoking challenges.

Spiritual Growth

Consider your purpose, eternal destiny, and relationship with your Creator by dedicating time to:

  • Pray and meditate.
  • Engage in regular fellowship with like-minded believers.
  • Attend a weekly worship service.
  • Practice one item learned daily for the next week.
  • Read and study Scripture or devotional daily.

Loving Relationships

  • Practice daily random or intentional acts of kindness.
  • Conduct kind and loving acts of service for family members or coworkers.
  • Observe others and their needs and thoughtfully follow through with helpful actions.
  • Speak only kind, loving, and encouraging words towards others.

The seven foundational categories provide the framework of Kickstart70. Redesign your life with meaningful habits that make you healthier, fitter, and more beautiful.


Now is the time to set your simple and measurable goals, stay on track with an interactive culture of encouragement and friendly competition, and incorporate acquired knowledge of nutrition and fitness. Seventy days later, your health will reap the benefits of your accomplishments! 


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