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by Stephen Luther, M.D.


When Life Gets Hairy

Hair Restoration is Like Music for Your Soul

The pang of frustration from thinning hair or a receding hairline is like a threadbare guitar string. The instrument still strums, yet repairing the fraying would help it look and play better, along with expert tuning to enhance the music. Similarly, Symbios Medical Spa’s non-surgical hair restoration can improve your quality of life. When life gets hairy, reclaim confidence with a more youthful appearance, and make life worth singing about again.

For fuller, thicker, and healthier hair, Symbios Medical Spa recommends TED (Trans Epidermal Delivery), a comprehensive yet simple 25-minute hair restoration procedure praised for its effectiveness and natural-looking results. TED’s targeted electromagnetic pulses and advanced algorithms stimulate the scalp and promote deeper penetration of Alma’s supreme growth serum. With no pain, downtime, or medications, TED’s noninvasive treatments are growing in popularity as quickly as your new hair.

How it Works

Whether you are struggling with genetic hair loss, thinning hair, or a receding hairline, TED’s innovative ultrasound technology can restore fuller and thicker hair in the following steps:

  • An expert from Symbios will divide the scalp into four to five small sections.
  • A vibrating device is placed against the skin for energy-based therapy.
  • The first pass primes the skin to open channels with gentle yet powerful pulses.
  • Next, the TED+ Hair Care Formula, rich in exceptional growth factors, is applied and massaged into the skin.
  • A second pass over the section with the device diligently maneuvers the hair growth solution into the skin, where it stimulates the hair follicles, targets inflammation, and improves scalp health.

TED’s FDA-approved hair restoration treatments are customized in frequency and duration based on your unique needs and preferences. Most patients experience significant results after three sessions; however, some effects can appear within three weeks. TED also offers long-lasting solutions compared to wigs or concealers that provide quick temporary fixes.

When life gets hairy, remember that you have options. Hair restoration treatments at Symbios Medical Spa can transform your appearance and outlook on life, so say goodbye to insecure, out-of-tune living and hello to a new head of confidence that is like music to your soul.


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