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by Stephen Luther, M.D.


Using Lasers to Claim Victory Over Vascular Lesions and Dark Spots

Imagine your life story where tomorrow’s appearance isn’t dictated by time, and your age is merely a footnote, thanks to the incredible power of light from ClearLift and Hybrid laser treatments! At Symbios Medical Spa, these revolutionary treatments will rewrite your script with beautiful confidence and radiant skin that will brighten your upcoming chapters.

The promising future of skincare can defeat vascular lesions and hyperpigmentation by using the scientific technology of lasers in the ongoing battle for beauty. Discover the inner workings of these fascinating light beams to understand how their powerful energy is absorbed to break down melanin, stimulate collagen growth, and eloquently transform your skin.

Understanding Lasers

Lasers at Symbios Medical Spa are more than just beams of light – they’re extraordinary instruments of transformation that can effectively address dark spots and vascular lesions. The miraculous science behind laser treatments begins with photothermolysis, a delicate balance of light and heat meticulously calibrated to target specific chromophores within our skin. Chromophores are tiny molecules that absorb light and are the key to unlocking the door to rejuvenation.


Melanin is the culprit for dark spots and uneven skin tone. Like tiny pigment factories, melanocytes produce melanin, giving our skin its color. But sometimes, these factories go into overdrive, resulting in hyperpigmentation. Science meets beauty as the excess melanin absorbs the laser’s energy, heating it and causing it to fragment into smaller, more manageable pieces. Think of it as shattering the darkness into a thousand tiny shards, each one easier for your body to whisk away.

Vascular Lesions

Vascular lesions are the bane of many complexions. These tiny blood vessels lurking beneath the surface can cause redness and blotchiness. Symbios’ laser treatments target the unruly vessel’s hemoglobin with precision. The laser’s energy heats the hemoglobin, causing the vessels to constrict and collapse. It’s like sealing closed a leaky faucet, restoring balance and clarity to your complexion.

Victory in Skin Rejuvenation

Laser treatments also stimulate collagen production, an essential protein for elasticity and firmness. Collagen’s building blocks work like nature’s scaffolding, holding our skin taut and supple. With each gentle pulse, the laser’s photothermolysis and collagen synthesis harness the power of science for the ultimate victory in skin rejuvenation. Step into a more confident future as Symbios Medical Spa’s Hybrid and ClearLift laser treatments reveal your smoothest, clearest, and most radiant skin.


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