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by Stephen Luther, M.D.


'Tis the Season to Shine: Self-Care Tips for a Healthy Balance

Christmas fills our calendars with joyful celebrations, family gatherings, and holiday preparations. Yet it is challenging to find that perfect holiday balance between seeking merriment and combatting an overwhelming wave of stress and exhaustion. At Symbios Medical Spa, we understand that self-care can profoundly impact your appearance, affecting your skin’s and hair’s health and radiance.

From Stress to Radiance: A Guide for Glowing Skin and Healthy Hair

Stress and stress hormones, inadequate sleep, and poor nutrition are the three main culprits that lessen our healthy glow and increase hair loss. Understanding their effects increases our capability to effectively combat and prevent skin and hair issues before they become a problem.

Understanding the Effects of Stress on Your Skin and Hair

Our enjoyable holiday festivities are often topped off with stress when mixed with a flurry of tasks. Stress can wreak havoc on skin and hair health due to the intricate connection between our minds and bodies. Stress triggers our brain to release the primary stress hormones cortisol and corticosterone, glucocorticoids, and epinephrine, which break down elastin and collagen in the skin, diminish rejuvenation, and contribute to hair thinning and loss. Acute or chronic stress may cause various skin and hair concerns, such as:

  • Increased Signs of Aging: Stress has been linked to accelerated aging, leading to fine lines, wrinkles, and a dull complexion. The increased production of stress hormones can break down collagen, a protein essential for maintaining skin elasticity.
  • Skin Sensitivity and Inflammation: Stress can trigger inflammatory responses in the body, leading to heightened skin sensitivity and conditions such as eczema and psoriasis. Individuals prone to skin issues may find their conditions exacerbated during periods of high stress.
  • Acne: Your glands produce more oil in response to stress and stress hormones, which may cause breakouts and skin irritation.
  • Hair Loss: Hair growth is affected by stress hormones. Hair loss may also result from stress but is usually temporary.

Stress-Reducing Practices

Incorporate stress-reducing practices into your daily routine, such as mindfulness, exercise, medical spa treatments, time outdoors, or yoga. These activities not only help alleviate stress but also contribute to enhancing skin health and feeling more confident.

Sleep Deprivation and Skin and Hair Health

One of the first casualties of holiday stress is often a good night’s sleep. Whether it’s late-night gift wrapping or festive parties, the cumulative effect of sleep deprivation can manifest on our skin and hair. Inadequate sleep disrupts the body’s natural repair processes, leading to dull complexion, puffy eyes, fine lines, and thinning hair.

Prioritize Sleep

During sleep, the body undergoes crucial repair processes, and cells regenerate. Lack of sleep disrupts these processes, leading to a tired complexion, dark circles, and increased skin risks.

 Tips for Better Sleep:

  • Have a relaxing, comfortable, and quiet bedroom where you sleep on the same daily schedule.
  • Avoid alcohol and minimize sugar and caffeine, especially late in the day.
  • Stop electronics one hour before sleep. Read or listen to music if you have trouble falling asleep or waking up during the night.
  • Exercise and spend time outdoors.
  • Get even more tips at MUSC Health.

Nutrition as the Foundation of Radiant Skin and Hair

It may be easier for reindeer to fly than to maintain a balanced diet during the holidays. Sugary treats and fast foods might be tempting, but overindulging can contribute to skin issues such as inflammation and breakouts. Symbios Nutrition recommendations are:

  • Eat Whole Foods: Fill up on a diet supplying vital antioxidants and vitamins, including protein-rich meats, fiber and minerals in green vegetables, and fats in avocados, nuts, and olives. Nutrient-rich foods support skin health from the inside out, promoting a radiant and youthful appearance.
  • Avoid Fast and Commercially Prepared Foods: These typically add more calories, chemicals, and additives than nutrition.
  • Hydration: Water is crucial for supporting healthy skin, as H2O is the main component of cells and tissue. Being fully hydrated creates plumper, clearer, and less dry skin. Suggested dietary guidelines for water intake are 3.7 L/day for men and 2.7 L/day for women.

Taking time for yourself will keep you healthy and glowing throughout the holidays.

At Symbios Medical Spa, our comprehensive approach includes personalized skincare treatments with stress relief and expert advice on maintaining a healthy lifestyle. We encourage you to embrace self-care as an essential part of your holiday festivities, allowing you to look and feel as wonderful as the time of the year.


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