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by Stephen Luther, M.D.


PRP for Lifelong Intimacy

Intimacy influences wellness at any age, yet many shy away from caring for their heart and body. That’s why Symbios recommends our natural platelet-rich plasma (PRP) treatments, which are exclusively designed to enhance your intimate wellness safely and discreetly. During this month of love, elevate your romantic experiences to new heights with the O-Shot, P-Shot, Duo, and Wing Lift – a quartet of transformative procedures that can improve your physical well-being and life!

The O-Shot

This revolutionary PRP treatment rejuvenates and revitalizes the female intimate area. The O-Shot stimulates tissue regeneration, enhances sensitivity, and promotes natural lubrication by stimulating natural collagen production and increasing blood flow to the region. As the body responds to this gentle yet powerful injection, women discover heightened sensations, improved lubrication, and better connection with their partner – all with a single treatment.

The P-Shot

The P-Shot is tailored specifically for men seeking to improve their intimate performance. By harnessing the therapeutic properties of PRP, the P-Shot promotes tissue growth, improves blood flow, and increases overall sexual function. As confidence soars and performance reaches new heights, men can embrace their masculinity with renewed vigor and vitality.

The Duo

The Duo is a unique treatment that combines the O-Shot and P-Shot benefits, offering couples a shared journey toward intimacy and fulfillment. As partners embark on this transformative experience together, they deepen their connection, strengthen their bond, and embark on a path toward greater intimacy and understanding.

The Wing Lift

The Wing Lift is a subtle yet significant enhancement that elevates form and function. The Wing Lift enhances aesthetics by carefully sculpting and contouring the intimate area while improving comfort and confidence. Individuals embracing their bodies with grace and acceptance pave the way for deeper connections and more fulfilling relationships.

At Symbios Health, intimate wellness is a natural part of healthcare; your wellness (and privacy) is important to us. Our innovative treatments and personalized approach empower individuals and couples to fulfill their desires, nourish their relationships, and enjoy lifelong intimacy.


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