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by Stephen Luther, M.D.


Exfoliate your Skin and Shine This Winter!

Essential Exfoliation: Techniques, Tools, and Timing

Ready to slough off dull and dead skin cells and radiate with healthy new skin cells? For a smoother, more vibrant complexion, exfoliation should be a routine part of your skincare routine.

Symbios Medical Spa can teach exceptional exfoliation skills with guidance on the right tools, proper timing, and quality skincare products. We can also help you choose the most advantageous professional exfoliation option from our chemical peels, dermaplaning, microdermabrasion, and Hydrafacial treatments.

Live better by learning the simple art of exfoliation and ring in the new year with rejuvenated skin! Read more!

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Exfoliation is a vital part of skincare that can lead to radiant and more youthful-looking skin! Without proper exfoliation, your skin may lack luster, feel rough, or have clogged pores. From professional spa treatments to at-home options and skin care products, Symbios offers a variety of detailed solutions to help you understand the best exfoliation method(s) to care for your unique skin.

Professional Exfoliation Treatments at Symbios

  • Dermaplaning: Using a scalpel blade, the outer layer of dead skin cells and peach fuzz are gently scraped away. This brief treatment not only exfoliates but also promotes a smoother complexion and enhances the absorption of skincare products with no downtime.
  • Hydrafacial: Hydrafacial combines exfoliation, extraction, and hydration for an all-in-one revitalizing treatment. It uses a unique vortex-fusion technology to cleanse, exfoliate, and infuse the skin with nourishing serums. The HydraFacial is also available on different body areas.
  • Microdermabrasion: This treatment is perfect for dry and dehydrated skin, utilizing a minimally abrasive instrument to exfoliate the outer layer of skin. Microdermabrasion helps improve the texture and appearance of your skin, allowing for better product penetration and hydrated skin.
  • Chemical Peels: For a transformative experience, potent acids are massaged into the skin to remove dead skin cells and stimulate collagen production. Symbios offers different types of peels for various skin areas, ranging from no downtime to several days of skin peeling. Chemical peels can be repeated to reach the desired outcome, including reducing fine lines, hyperpigmentation, and acne scars.

At-Home Exfoliation Tips

  • Scrubs, enzymatic exfoliants, and peel pads remove dead skin cells and promote cell turnover, revealing a fresh and radiant complexion.
  • Dry brushing your body for a holistic approach to exfoliation. This technique uses a massaging, dry brush to gently exfoliate the skin, stimulate blood circulation, and promote lymphatic drainage. Facial dry brushing is also beneficial!
  • Exfoliate your lips with a soft brush or tool and hydrate to keep lips supple and smooth.

Frequency and Timing for Superb Exfoliation Results

  • Dry skin: One to three times weekly
  • Normal skin: Two to three times weekly
  • Oily skin: Three times weekly
  • Sensitive skin: Once weekly

Skin renews itself overnight, leaving behind a layer of dead skin, easily removed by exfoliating in the morning to reveal softer, healthier skin.

Choosing Skincare Products with Real Results

Medical-grade skincare products contain higher concentrations of active ingredients than over-the-counter options. Instead of choosing OTC’s far-reaching promises, choose products with prescription-strength ingredients that promote healthy, beautiful skin. At Symbios Medical Spa, we have evaluated the skincare market and carefully selected top-of-the-line medical-grade skincare products to enhance your at-home exfoliating routine.

Our Team’s Favorites

  • Micka loves to wear ZO Enzymatic Peel with the Exfoliation Accelerator at bedtime so she wakes up with soft, glowing skin.
  • Lindsey loves the mighty yet gentle results of SkinBetter AlphaRet Peel Pads, as they are perfect for her occasional blemishes.
  • Maddy loves the dual function of SkinBetter Detoxifying Scrub Mask. Leaving the mask on for five to 10 minutes, it draws out any impurities in her skin and exfoliates her skin by activating the scrub beads – transforming her into a glowing goddess! She tops off her care with SkinBetter Trio moisturizer.

Symbios Recommended Medical Grade Skincare Products

  • ZO Exfoliating Polish
  • ZO Oil Control/ Complexion Renewal Pads (Also great for teenagers!)
  • ZO Dual Action Scrub (great for body, too!)
  • ZO Exfoliation Accelerator
  • ZO Exfoliating Cleanser
  • ZO Enzymatic Peel (recommended for sensitive skin)
  • ZO Retinols: Retinol Skin Brightener, Wrinkle and Texture Repair, Overnight Repair. (Consult with one of our Estheticians about anticipated reactions).

Order Online or at Symbios

  • SkinBetter Detoxifying Scrub Mask (perfect for oily skin)
  • SkinBetter AlphaRet Peel Pads
  • SkinBetter Retinols: AlphaRet Clearing Serum, AlphaRet Overnight Cream, AlphaRet Intensive Overnight Cream.

Special Offers

At Symbios, all ZO Skin Health exfoliating products are 10% off from January 1- 31.

When you make a purchase of $399 or more through our online Skinbetter Science store, you will receive a complimentary 15ml Alto Advanced Repair with your order (a $98 value).

At Symbios Medical Spa, we cater to your unique skincare needs. We would love to discuss your exfoliation options for a comprehensive approach to unveiling the best version of your skin. Embrace the journey to luminous, revitalized skin in 2024 with our expert care and premium skincare products.


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