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by Stephen Luther, M.D.


An Investment Formula to Curve Your Confidence and Beauty

Low-Carb Nutrition + Functional Fitness + Accent Prime = A Well-Sculpted Body!

As summer outfits highlight curves, caring for your figure adds a new dimension to your well-being beyond an enhanced appearance; it boosts your health and quality of life. While eating non-processed, low-sugar foods and exercising are body contouring essentials, Symbios has an innovative solution for problem areas caused by aging, pregnancy, or weight changes.

To add incredible accents to your figure, Dr. Stephen Luther recommends Accent Prime, an advanced technology that mixes ultrasound and radiofrequency to reduce fat while tightening the skin.

Accent Prime is a remarkable standalone series of 30-minute treatments with no downtime that results in toner and firmer skin. For more dynamic results, Symbios combines Accent Prime with BeautiFill, an advanced method of autologous fat transfer and liposuction.

Live in a body sculpted with confidence and discover a life-changing return on your most important investment – yourself.

What is Accent Prime?

Accent Prime’s dual-action approach uses ultrasound to heat and eliminate fat deposits and applies radiofrequency to target skin laxity. The result is a smoother, firmer appearance.

Accent Prime’s Key Features

  1. Skin Tightening with Radiofrequency: Our skin may lose elasticity and firmness from weight loss or aging. This advanced technology rejuvenates the skin by heating the deeper layers, stimulating collagen production, and contracting existing collagen fibers. This results in a firmer, more elastic skin with improved skin texture.
  2. Fat Reduction with Ultrasound: Stubborn fat is heated and becomes disrupted by the innovative ultrasound. Your body naturally processes and eliminates the damaged fat, leaving the treated area with more defined contours.
  3. Non-Invasive and Comfortable: Unlike surgical procedures, Accent Prime is non-invasive, with no incisions, needles, or significant downtime. Patients experience minimal discomfort, often described as a warm sensation during treatment.
  4. Versatile Applications: Accent Prime’s customized treatments can be used on various body parts, including the abdomen, thighs, arms, and face. This versatility makes it an excellent option for individuals addressing multiple areas of concern.

Post-Treatment Benefits of Accent Prime After BeautiFill

BeautiFill, an autologous fat transfer procedure at Symbios, effectively uses liposuction to create curves and enhance volume in desired areas using fat harvested from the patient’s body. BeautiFill’s impressive results are elevated with Accent Prime’s post-procedure benefits, including:

  • Enhanced Skin Tightening: After the fat removal from BeautiFill, patients might experience some skin laxity in the treated areas. Accent Prime’s RF technology helps to tighten and firm the skin, ensuring a more toned and sculpted appearance.
  • Improved Contouring: Accent Prime’s fat reduction capabilities can complement the volumizing effects of BeautiFill. By targeting residual fat deposits and refining the body’s contours, Accent Prime helps achieve a more harmonious and balanced silhouette.
  • Accelerated Healing: The non-invasive nature of Accent Prime means it can be safely used after BeautiFill to promote faster healing and enhanced blood circulation, and collagen stimulation supports recovery, reducing swelling and improving overall results.

At Symbios Medical Spa, our dedicated team sincerely desires to help you achieve your most beautiful appearance. Our expert skills and highly advanced technology ensure the ideal formula to curve your confidence and beauty.


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