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by Stephen Luther, M.D.


A Personal Note from Dr. Stephen Luther

At Symbios Health, our name embraces our philosophy: a commitment to fostering symbiotic relationships where a sense of partnership and mutual benefit grows with each interaction. Derived from the concept of symbiosis, our vision is simple yet profound: to empower individuals to stay healthy, fit, and beautiful for life. Our mission for everyone who seeks our services, including our team members, is to experience a culture that embodies:

  • an unwavering dedication to care,
  • honesty in the communication of information, and
  • access to reliable resources.

The strength of Symbios increases with its beneficial integration of lifestyle with healthcare, as evidence proves that diet and exercise immensely influence wellness. Symbios patients have exclusive access to exceptional, life-changing resources, including functional fitness at SymbiosFIT, led by certified health and fitness coaches and the internationally recognized dietary guidance from Symbios Nutrition.

At the heart of Symbios Health is our cohesive team, working collaboratively to provide unparalleled care to each patient, in person or via telehealth. Every appointment is an opportunity for synergy from our highly trained clinical staff, beginning with our experienced and licensed registered nurses and certified medical assistants. After a board-certified medical doctor, a board-certified physician assistant, or a board-certified nurse practitioner performs an examination, a medical doctor reviews their medical evaluation, and their care is coordinated by two or three Symbios-certified medical team members.

As founder and owner of Symbios, I value each medical expert on my personally selected team for their unique contribution. Our integrated care model places Symbios in an extraordinary position to receive input from multiple branches of Symbios to tailor a comprehensive diagnosis encompassing holistic health. Our genuine concern for the complete well-being of all who entrust us with their health will never diminish. On behalf of my team and me, I thank you for placing your wellness in Symbios’ expert hands. 



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