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by Stephen Luther, M.D.


A Mother’s Unconditional Love

Mother’s Day lets us thank Moms for their year-round compassion, sacrifices, and unconditional love. As you consider how to honor the boundless dedication of a mother in your life, reflect on her profound influence that impacted and shaped your life. At Symbios, we believe healthy relationships play a pivotal role in our health and foster a brighter future for generations to come. Therefore, Symbios Medical Spa is pleased to offer

A Mother’s Day Giveaway

FOUR deluxe facials for each season of the year to show a cherished mother just how much you care!

Treat a special Mom to a Symbios Medical Spa gift card and receive one entry for every $100 purchased. It’s a win-win when you show your appreciation with a well-deserved gift card and give her a chance to be selected to win four seasonal facials – one for spring, summer, fall, and winter – valued at $600. Click here to buy your gift card and enter Mom into the drawing.

A Symbios Medical Spa gift card always includes lavish pampering, relaxation, and a tender dose of self-confidence. Plus, Mom can receive a consultation to choose her custom service from our wide range of high-quality medical spa treatments. Purchase online or stop by to receive complimentary gift packaging!

Understanding the Heart of Health

As we examine the vast medical options to increase our longevity and quality of life, one vital piece remains constant – our relationships. Most of us recognize the heart as the cornerstone of health, yet many overlook its heartwarming connection to the inner meaning of life. If you are puzzled by this, picture the intricate pieces of your body functioning together, each specifically placed to create the supreme version of you.

Similarly, these pieces respond to strong, supportive relationships by bolstering mental well-being and fortifying physical health. Bonding is the essence of human connection. Further, the heart binds our blood relatives through shared ancestry and genetic heritage, making the bonds we form with family members, particularly the nurturing role of mothers, a key piece in shaping our overall wellness.

Symbios encourages you to read more and gain a deeper understanding of family relationships’ biological and emotional dimensions to help you harness their potential to influence your physical health and physiological well-being positively.

Biological inheritance from relatives can impact our health positively and negatively, yet hereditary traits and predispositions are beyond our control. However, genetics does not solely determine health outcomes; broader familial dynamics, shared experiences, and support systems play significant roles. Positive relationships within the family and extended families can contribute to improved health in the following ways: 

  • Emotional Support:A solid family support system is a buffer against life’s adversities, strengthening an individual’s ability to overcome pressure, challenges, and hardships.
  • Reduced Stress:Caring and loving in relationships create a sense of purpose and enhance self-worth, which can significantly lower stress levels. In turn, this decreases the risk of stress-related health complications such as obesity, hypertension, inflammation, and anxiety disorders
  • Improved Immunity:Relationships, especially in a close family, can provide a sense of belonging and security, which can bolster the immune system, enhance resistance to infections, and promote overall health.

Relationships can also benefit our psychological well-being with the following:

  • Enhanced Mood:Positive interactions with family members stimulate the release of feel-good hormones like oxytocin and serotonin, fostering a sense of happiness and contentment.
  • Mental Health Support:In times of emotional turmoil, having a supportive family to lean on can provide invaluable support and aid in coping with concerns such as depression and loneliness.

“Scientists are investigating the biological and behavioral factors that account for the health benefits of connecting with others,” according to a Harvard Health article. “For example, they’ve found that it helps relieve harmful levels of stress, which can adversely affect coronary arteries, gut function, insulin regulation, and the immune system. Another line of research suggests that caring behaviors trigger the release of stress-reducing hormones.

Healthy Relationships can help the pieces of your life fit and work well together. By giving and accepting support, we can improve our health and live longer and better.


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